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THE 2nd Youth® CONCEPT


The concept covers a complete programme for improving your physical appearance and the health or Physiology of your skin.

1.) 2nd Youth® – HomeCare Fundamental Starter Kit
Gentle AHA Cleansing Gel, Multi Action Daily Lift, Pro-Active Lotion, Night Balancing Crème, UV Skin Guard SPF20®

2.) 2nd Youth® – Professional Dermaceutical Clinic/Salon Treatments
6 to 12 professional facial treatments depending on the skin’s condition

2nd Youth® is the ultimate guide and programme for the up-to-date, advanced skincare clinics for a natural skin regeneration process. 2nd Youth® targets the physiological functions of the skin.  The highly active, natural ingredients (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids  & fruit enzymes) normalise and stabilise the epidermal function in a period of 12 weeks.

After stabilisation of the epidermal functions the active ingredients will efficiently penetrate down to the dermal layer  of the skin. This enables the skin to function to its optimal. Dermal stabilisation occurs after a 28 week period. The skin not only appears younger but also has proven to increase its tolerance against external and internal factors. The final result obtained is a healthy, normal functioning skin, which appears rejuvenated and revived!