As part of the 2nd Youth® concept, daily Home Care is essential to attain the desired results produced by our products. A simple daily routine will allow your skin to recover from acne and problematic skin, sensitivity, premature aging, environmental damage and pigmentation.

Our Home Care range is supplied to any individual who wishes to recover, maintain and/or prevent any of the above mentioned conditions. There are two ranges available to you to be used daily. These ranges are:
Concept Kit
Add on Products

2nd Youth® also boasts a Youth Range, specially formulated and simplified to rejuvenate and nourish your teenager’s skin, all while treating and preventing the above mentioned conditions.

The exclusive Body Logic Range is specially formulated to also rejuvenate, renew and refresh the body. 2nd Youth® is considered a holistic rejuvenation therapy solution, providing leading dermaceutical skin care products in the market, as well as body products to be used in together with the aforementioned facial Home Care products.