What is sensitivity?

Sensitized skins can occur for numerous reasons. It is mainly caused by genetics.
Sensitive Skin can be caused by cosmetics which contain alcohol, perfumes and chemicals eg TCA and Phenol.
Harsh treatments eg Lazer and equipment which hurt the skin can also cause the skin to be sensitive.



pH Balancing Revitalizer
is a unique two-phase system to refine, smooth and normalise the skins natural pH (Acid Mantle. This product reduces inflammation on the skin and prepares the skin for penetration of active ingredients

Duo Masque
contains Crystalised Centella Asiatica an ingredients with the ability to penetrate as deep as the Dermal layer of the skin stimulating the production of Collagen type I and type III. Excellent for treatment of Psoariasis, Eczema and Sensitivity.

Deep Hydrating Age Loc Mask
is formulated for a dry, sensitive skin with. The highly active ingredient penetrates the skins deepest layers that result in a well hydrated skin. Also have an excellent effect on flakiness and eczema skins.

The Organic Lipactive Tissue oil contains the Inca Inci oil which is known in the world for being one of the richest oils in Omega 3. It is excellent for sensitive, dry and flaky skins. Helps with Wound healing and has got High contents of Fatty Acids Omega 3 ( 48%) Omega 6 (36%)