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  1. Dermaceutical skin ccare… no cosmetics
  2. No drugs, no electro-stimulation, no surgery
  3. 5 to 10 years skin rejuvenation – guaranteed (conditions apply)
  4. Unique concept
  5. Result orientated
  6. Rejuvenate – immediate results
  7. Problem solving – address all skin needs or concerns:
    1. Acne and problematic skin
    2. Pigmentation and skin discolouration
    3. Premature aged and environmental damaged skin
    4. Sensitivity
    5. Skin ailments: Eczema, Psoriasis, scarring and post operative healing
  8. Suitable for ALL skin types, age, gender and race
  9. Restore skin health – increase skin tolerance
  10. Hypo-allergenic
  11. Leaders in skin care
  12. Latest up to date skin technology implemented
  13. Scientifically researched
  14. Clinical trials done in Bonn, Germany with success rate of not less than 98%
  15. Backed up by Chemical- and Bio-Chemical Engineers
  16. Researched by 9 international Plastic Surgeons
  17. Safe – risk free with no contra-indications
  18. New case studies (before and after photo’s) available every three months
  19. Affordable – monthly, super and package specials
  20. Environmentally friendly and not tested on animals
  21. Contains no animal derivatives
  22. Professional salon products with 20% concentration
  23. Seven unique products – first of its kind and only available with 2nd Youth®
    1. Active Enzyme Exfoliator
    2. Multi Action Daily Lift
    3. pH Balancing Skin Revitalizer
    4. Mito Cell Q10
    5. Resurfacer
    6. Peptide Plus
    7. Wrinkle Resque No-Tox
  24. All concentrations and strengths of the products are within the limits of the CTFA (Cosmetic Toiletry & Fragrance Association)
  25. Work hand in hand with MCC (Medical Control Council)
  26. Manufacturing is done by the most highly, ethical recommended manufacturer in South Africa.
  27. Truly South African with active ingredients from all over the world, including, France, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Belgium, South Africa, etc.