– but what about a (wonderful) 2nd Youth®?

"Anti-aging" has become one of the buzzwords of modern society – and not only amongst women; even the "stronger" sex are lately more often than not trying to stop and reverse the aging process of especially the largest of all the human organs – the skin.

In advertisements for a variety of products that profess to be able to stop or reverse the aging process of the skin, a vast array of buzzwords are being thrown around with gay abandon: "Skin Rejuvenation" (and with immediate visible results!); "Professional Salon Products"; "Skin Technology"; "Scientific Clinical Research" – to mention but a few.

But is there any substance to the claims being made? Is skin rejuvenation and significantly retarding the ageing process really possible? Are consumers being led by the nose in their quest for a youthful and healthy looking skin of especially the face – and in the process being parted from large amounts of money?

Welcome to 2nd Youth® – Nature's way to Personal Change

Let us quote you some of OUR "buzzwords" – but with a very distinctive element that sets us apart: Our "buzzwords" are in fact descriptions of what our products REALLY do, and unsightly or annoying conditions that they REALLY address successfully.

• 2nd Youth®'s concept, approach and products are unique, result orientated, and cosmeceutical. No drugs; no electro-stimulation; no surgery.
• 2nd Youth® treatment is result orientated – and yes, rejuvenation can be detected from the very start.
• Our professional skin care treatment and products are hypo-allergenic, and are suited to and benefit all skin types of both genders, and of different race groups. Problems like prematurely aging skin, acne and acne prone skin, adult acne, problematic skin, dry skin, oily skin, pigmentation and skin discoloration are addressed effectively.
• 2nd Youth® are the leaders in Skin Care in South Africa. Our products restore skin health and increase skin tolerance – safely, risk free, and at AFFORDABLE PRICES via our Monthly, Super, and Package Specials.

Why can 2nd Youth® make these claims with complete confidence?

• We implement only the latest, up to date skin technology, scientifically researched by 9 internationally acclaimed Plastic Surgeons, and backed up by Chemical and Bio-Chemical Engineers.
• Our products are professional salon products, with 20% strength and concentration. Concentrations and strengths of the active ingredients of all 2nd Youth® products are within the limits of the Cosmetic Toiletry & Fragrance Association (CTFA), and we work hand in hand with the Medical Control Council (MCC) of South Africa. May only be applied by trained salon personnel. There is, however, also a 10% strength homecare range available.
• Manufacturing is done by the most highly recommended ethical cosmetics manufacturers in South Africa.
• New case studies are made available every 3 months.

2nd Youth® and Social Responsibility

• All our products are environmentally friendly.
• They have not been tested on animals, nor do they contain any animal derivatives.

Try 2nd Youth®'s range of 8 unique products – first of its kind in the world!

• DuoMasque
• Multi-Action Daily Lift
• pH Skin Revitaliser
• Enzyme Exfoliator
• BacteSolv Anti-Acne
• Mito-Cell Q10
• Resurfacer
• Peptide+Plus Rejuvenation Serum

The 2nd Youth® Guarantee

5 – 10 years skin rejuvenation guaranteed if our programme is followed meticulously – only 3 minutes per day for 28 weeks will create a healthier, more beautiful YOU, looking 5 – 10 years younger (and it is never too late to get started).